Use A Car Lift To Pack More Vehicles Into Your Small Garage

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If you're having a problem fitting all your cars into your home garage, here's a solution that might help; car lift equipment. Car lifts are specialised equipment used to hoist vehicles up and down. Though typically used in car repair shops, car lifts can also be used to maximise parking spaces in small home garages. Read on to learn more.

Why a car lift?

A car lift is a great way to pack more cars into your small garage for a number of reasons. For one, car lifts are designed for the sole purpose of hoisting vehicles up. This can allow you to park two cars where you'd normally park one. Secondly, as stated earlier, car lifts are used in almost every auto shop there is. So the technology is not new and it clearly works. In fact, auto shops aside, car lifts are used in some homes for this sole purpose of increasing parking space.

How it works

First, you'd need to contact a car lift supplier or distributor near you. They can then advise you on the best type of lift to install in your home. This will depend on the dimensions of your garage as well as the size and weight of your car. The installer may have to visit your home and take measurements for this. Next, the installation will be carried out and the unit tested before being certified safe for your use.

Once installed, the unit will serve you by allowing you to store one car up on the lift while you park another below it. This will double your parking space instantly.

Benefits of using a car lift to increase your parking space

  • You get to park all (or more) of your cars inside the garage where it's safer in regards to theft, vandalism, harsh weather, etc.
  • You can get better insurance rates if you store your cars inside the garage where it's safer than outside the garage.
  • You will get better peace of mind leaving your cars inside the garage as opposed to outside, especially when travelling for a few days/weeks.
  • A car lift offers great convenience during DIY home repairs because you can use them to hoist the car in place as opposed to using a jack.

 A car lift will cost you some money to procure. However, if parking space is a big issue for you and you don't mind spending a little to double your garage parking space, then this is the solution for you. Contact a company like Forte Lift Services to learn more.