How Air Cannons Can Protect Your Profitability

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Many businesses close shop because they fail to identify and plug many of the loopholes that drain their resources. This article discusses how you can ensure that you remain profitable by installing air cannons in the chutes that transport materials in your industrial plant.

Fewer Employee Injuries or Illnesses

Employees usually get into material transport systems, such as chutes, in order to clear them manually in case the system is clogged. The cleaning tools that they are using within those confined spaces may injure such employees. The workers are also exposed to dust and damp as they try to unclog the system. Such working environments may erode your profits in case employees are injured as they unclog the chutes. This is because you will incur higher medical costs or higher insurance payments due to frequent employee injuries and sickness.

Air cannons can safeguard your profits by eliminating the need to send workers into the material transport system in order to unclog it. The air cannons use bursts of air to dislodge any material that may have become stuck on the surfaces of the transport system while the equipment was not in use, such as overnight.

Reduction of Downtime

Blockages to material flow can compel you to take your equipment out of service in order to clear the blockage. Such downtime reduces the productivity of your employees because many will be idle as they wait for the chutes to become operational again. It will therefore become more expensive for you to maintain workers if they are not productive throughout their work shift.

Air cannons prevent such downtime because you can program the cannons to fire at set intervals throughout the work shift. This helps to prevent materials from sticking to the walls of the chutes. Thus, smooth flow will be ensured at all times.

Prevention of Unexplained Product Losses

Profits can also be lost when increasing amounts of materials build up within the material transport system. Such materials reduce the products available for sale since the transport system will have "eaten" them.

Air cannons ensure that no materials get "lost" within the material flow system because the bursts of air give the materials no chance to settle within the system. They move along until they are discharged into the processing or packaging equipment. This ensures that no potential profits are lost once you sell the products.

Air cannons were designed to address many of the material flow challenges that you may be facing. You should therefore avoid hemorrhaging potential profits as you attempt to fix flow problems that never seem to end. Consult experts for the most appropriate type of air cannons for your application so that your business remains competitive.