3 Uses for Timber Crates in Tiny Home Construction

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When you hear about using timber crates in construction and design, the first things that come to mind are probably quick recycled projects. The truth is, timber crates have a lot to offer when it comes to tiny home construction and design. If you are looking for more than just a quick flip of a crate to an outdoor planter, and you want something that will help build your tiny home into the design you want, then consider these three uses.

Outdoor Siding 

By taking the time to remove and deconstruct the timber crates, you can build a substantial amount of siding for your tiny home. The main benefit of using this timber for tiny homes is the size of the planks. Since tiny homes are smaller, sometimes you may find that traditional siding may be too large and detract from the look of the home design you want. The smaller planks of the timber crates give you a smaller scale to work with that fit with the tiny home look. 


When you build a tiny home, you are likely using a typical hauling trailer as the foundation. For some tiny home builders, this base floor is enough. If you want to step it up a bit, especially for full-time living, then you may want to lay down new flooring. You can use timber crates as that flooring and add a stain to color it the way you like. Remember, you want to make sure and sand down the timber planks from the crates to remove any rough edges as well as waterproof and seal the timber planks from the crates to ensure their durability for daily home use.

Stairs and Ladders

Depending on the style of tiny home you choose, you may opt to have either a ladder that goes to the loft area or stairs leading to the loft. Since you are limited on space,  the smaller size of the timber crate planks is ideal. You can even keep some of the crates whole and use them as foundation for the stairs and storage as well.

These are just a few of the uses available from timber crates in your tiny home. You can also consider using them as solid storage, cabinets, under loft storage, seating, and even as shingles. If you are uncertain if the timber crates you have need weatherproofing, staining, or sealing then contact your local timber crate provider.