Essential Tips For Renting a Crane

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If you have a construction company, there might be some equipment that is only used on occasion, such as cranes. This type of equipment is often rented only on days when you will use it, instead of buying it and worrying about where to store it when it isn't in use. When it comes time to rent a crane for your heavy lifting and moving needs, these tips will help.

Make Sure They Offer Delivery and Pickup

This might seem like a given, but some rental companies have lower prices because they expect you to figure out transportation for yourself. When deciding on a good equipment rental company for the crane, it is good to ask if they offer delivery and pickup of the equipment and if there are restrictions about the days and times. If you are working on a project over the weekend, you need to know if they will only deliver it during the week so that you can plan ahead.

Ask About Routine Maintenance Schedules

You want your crane to be in good working order when you rent it, so it is also a good idea to ask the rental company about their maintenance schedule. You probably won't end up with a brand new crane, so it is important that they at least keep up with inspections and maintenance. This also ensures there won't be any technical issues that could put your workers in jeopardy when you rent it.

Rent the Crane in Advance

Equipment rental companies don't have an endless supply of equipment that is always waiting for you to rent it. If you know you need the crane on a certain day, call ahead and rent it as soon as you can. The last thing you want to do is be stuck without the equipment you need just because another contractor reserved the crane before you did. With this type of equipment, there are going to be limited quantities at each equipment rental company. Having a back-up company just in case one is reserved at the company you usually rent from is also a good idea.

Decide if You Should Rent or Buy

If you find that you are renting cranes often, it might be time to consider buying one instead. There are pros and cons to renting and buying cranes, from finding a place to store it to the convenience of having it delivered to the job site. Think about how much you are spending on the rentals to decide if you think buying one and storing it would be more beneficial to you.