Why A Healthy Radiator Is Vital For The Proper Running Of Your Car

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The radiator is not a popular component in cars. However, it works directly with the major parts in your vehicle so that makes it quite important too. You may be familiar with the different repairs that can affect your radiator, like leaking coolant, not having enough coolant, cracked or broken fins, and so forth. However, do you know how your radiator impacts your entire car in general? Read on to find out.

Keeps engine and transmission cool to avoid overheating

The radiator's function is to cool the coolant mix running through it. This coolant is used to cool two main components of your car. That is the engine and the transmission. Needless to say, if any of these two parts do not get cooled sufficiently, overheating can occur; and that is very bad news. Overheating will affect your vehicle's performance directly and may even cause your vehicle to break down, not to mention the massive amounts of money you'll need for repairs or replacement.

Keep the engine heat from damaging surrounding parts

Apart from affecting your engine and causing significant damage, the effects of an overheating engine can spiral over to adjacent parts located under the hood. Because the temperatures can get very high when the engine overheats, hoses, thermostats, sensors, fuses, and plastic parts can get damaged to a huge degree. This would further inflate your repair bill and extend the period needed to get your vehicle back in working order.

Allows you to drive for longer and in more challenging conditions

The more you drive your vehicle, the more cooling is needed in the engine and the transmission. A well-functioning radiator, therefore, allows you to drive for longer without having to stop and add coolant or to let the engine cool down. In that regards, therefore, the radiator is vital for a smooth and uninterrupted drive especially over uphill terrains or during long drives.

Keeps your AC dishing out cool air for your comfort

Last but not in any way the least, a healthy radiator is important in your car so as to allow you to enjoy maximum air conditioning. If your radiator is faulty, you will not get that cool conditioned air that you need on hot sunny days. This can make driving unbearable especially during summer when temperatures are at their highest.

So how do you make sure that your car enjoys all these functions? Simple, keep the radiator well-maintained by adding coolant when needed, by checking for physical damage or leaks, and by seeking scheduled radiator service.