Fire Alarm Needs A New Alkaline Battery? 4 Workable Actions To Undertake The Substitution Job For Your NSW Home

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According to NSW legislation, all fire alarms installed in residences should meet the Australian AS 3786 standards. The legislation also requires a working alarm on every home level. If you have a battery-operated alarm, you may have a 10-year lithium battery. You could also potentially have lead or alkaline batteries that need annual replacement. This commentary seeks to help you substitute alkaline batteries in your fire alarm.

Buy The Right Batteries For Your Smoke Alarm  

Before you purchase a battery, make sure you know the type you need based on the type of fire alarm system you have in your home. Alkaline batteries are available in standard styles or other variations at retail or home stores. The manufacturer's guide will provide the information you need.

Pull Out The Alarm Cover From The Ceiling Brace

If you need to replace the alkaline battery in an alarm attached to the ceiling, start by twisting the alarm cover until it clicks out of place from the ceiling brace. You will need to stand on a ladder or a tall stool to get to your alarm. If you're not sure about how to open your specific alarm cover, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid snapping or cracking the shell during release. Make sure you grip it properly to prevent dropping it down from a height. 

Locate The Battery Terminals In The Back Of The Alarm 

The battery terminals are usually located in the back of the detached alarm cover, so you should find them relatively easily. Simply remove the old batteries from the terminals and place the new ones in them. Once you place the new batteries inside, fix the alarm cover back into the supportive brace by twisting it in place. Press the switch to check that it is in proper working condition.

Place The Battery In A Specialised Recycling Facility

Batteries contain toxic chemicals, so several specialised recycling facilities are provided across Australia for them. For your home in NSW, the Sydney City Council has organised for a myriad of recycling drop-off locations for batteries. Some urban and regional recycling centres are also available throughout NSW. You can also check with your local councils about recycling facilities for batteries and other toxic chemicals. The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) was established to promote safe discarding of dead batteries to protect the environment. You may be able to contact them if your local council doesn't provide battery recycling facilities.

Smoke alarm batteries need replacement when they die. Let these actions make the substitution process easier for you.