DIY Projects Using Wooden Boxes and Crates

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If you love to work on your own DIY projects around the home and are looking for simple ways to create storage and furniture pieces, you might start with wooden boxes and crates. These are meant to be strong enough for shipping produce and other items, so they're typically strong enough for home furniture pieces and storage. Note a few DIY projects you might try with wooden boxes and crates for some great pieces around your home.

Side table

If you're always looking for a place to stash the remote controls, TV guide and your current reading material, use a wooden crate as a side table. Purchase four tall spindles or legs and paint or stain all your pieces so they match. Set the crate on its side and then attach the legs. The open area should face your favourite chair. For a fun, eclectic look, use metal legs rather than wood to mix up the materials and create more visual appeal. 

Handbag storage

If you hate putting your handbags in the closet because they always seem to get lost or crushed, invest in a long, narrow crate. Put it on its side and add hooks inside at the top to hold the straps of your handbags. You can then attach the crate to the wall next to the door or inside your closet to keep your handbags organised and safe from being crushed or otherwise damaged.

Rolling bar

For a unique bar, turn several crates on their side and attach them to each other with brackets along their backs. Next, add casters or wheels to the bottom. The inside of the crates then serve as shelving for liquors, your ice bucket and glasses for serving mixed drinks. Use as many crates as you need to store your bar supplies and ensure you use thick, strong casters so the bar doesn't topple when you move it.

Kitchen storage

To use crates as storage in the kitchen, start with a shelf high up on the wall. Next, cut a piece of plywood to fit on one side of each crate. Paint the plywood with chalkboard paint and attach it to the crate. Use chalk to note what's inside the crate; this might be flour, sugar, teabags, coffee, linens, potatoes and the like. For items like coffee, flour and sugar, use plastic zipper bags inside the crate. This storage project gets items off the counters, freeing up the space, while the chalkboard allows you to easily label each crate.