Can You Use Recycled Concrete for Your Driveway and Patio Installation?

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Concrete recycling has become a popular way of utilising concrete aggregate that's left behind after the demolition of structures. Before the introduction of concrete recycling, the concrete rubble usually ended up in the landfills, and being far from biodegradable, it posed an environmental concern. The use of crushed concrete on structures not only saves on the cost of purchasing new concrete, but also it conserves the environment. However, many people have concerns about the quality of recycled concrete and have reservations regarding using it for structures, including driveways and patios.

Contrary to the belief of many, recycled concrete is durable, and can be safely used in the installation and repair of driveways and patios. Read on to find out more about the benefits of recycled concrete and how you can use it on your driveway.

Using recycled concrete for structures

Recycled concrete is the choice material for homeowners looking to reduce their driveway and patio installation costs while adopting green construction practices.  There are two ways in which you can use recycled concrete in your structure:

  • You can use the crushed concrete rubble to act as a base for your driveway and patio. Crushed concrete creates a strong and durable base for the new concrete that you intend to use on your driveway.
  • You can purchase crushed concrete that's mixed with new concrete for your driveway. The aggregates in recycled concrete reinforce the new concrete to give it extra strength and durability. This will create durable driveways and patios that will withstand the elements.

If you have had a concrete structure demolished in your home, you can have the recycling companies process it for you so that it can be crushed and prepared for use.

Benefits of recycled concrete

Recycled concrete is less expensive compared to new concrete that's prepared from fresh cement and rock. In fact, if the concrete is obtained from your old driveway or other structures, you will not pay anything for it. The use of recycled concrete can significantly reduce your installation costs. You can even use the savings to decorate or stain your concrete patio for a new, fresh look.

When added to new concrete, recycled concrete replaces some of the aggregates in the mix. Aggregates like rock and gravel have to be mined, and this contributes to increasing the overall cost of cement. By mixing old and new concrete, you can get a concrete mix without passively contributing to environmental pollution from mining practices.

Recycled concrete is a stable, strong, and durable material that's suitable for the installation of structures such as driveways and patios. Visit a concrete recycling company for your next renovation project on concrete structures and enjoy the benefits accrued to this material.